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80 Avenue des Bouriennes, Domino

17190 Saint-Georges-d'Oléron


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Als u informatie opvraagt, als gast wilt komen  of vrijwilliger wilt worden, dan vragen we u om uw persoonsgegevens, zoals uw naam, adres, e-mailadres, telefoonnummer en geboortedatum. Wilt u gebruik maken van zorg tijdens uw verblijf bij L'Accolade, dan vragen wij u bovendien welke zorg u nodig heeft. 
De gegevens worden opgeslagen in een digitale database. Ze worden gebruikt voor het maken van planningen. Ook gebruiken wij uw persoonsgegevens om u te informeren over zaken bij L'Accolade. 


Depending on the number of guests there are at l'Accolade, we put together a team of volunteers.  We try to bring together people of all ages and different expertise. We aim to match your preferences to the chores at hand. Experience is appreciated, but definitely not a must! Enthusiasm, respect and commitment are valued all the more.



Giving care, support and assistance (nurses, therapists and all 

those active in the field of health care).


Being part of our animation team, organizing fun activities for children and adults.  

Cooks and caterers

Preparing meals, assisting in the kitchen and helping out on

the terrace.

General assistents

General tasks as helping to set up tents and lending a hand where necessary.


Cleaning of the bungalows, group building, terraces, sanitary facilities, etc. 

Maintenance workers


Laundry assistents

Responsible for laundry room. 

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"Working in a team full of fun and positive energy. Lots of enthusiasm, warmth and love".


"Driving 1050 kilometers, but as soon as I enter through the gates, it feels like coming home!".

"Enjoy, working hard, having fun, personal empowerment, great people".