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80 Avenue des Bouriennes, Domino

17190 Saint-Georges-d'Oléron


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Als u informatie opvraagt, als gast wilt komen  of vrijwilliger wilt worden, dan vragen we u om uw persoonsgegevens, zoals uw naam, adres, e-mailadres, telefoonnummer en geboortedatum. Wilt u gebruik maken van zorg tijdens uw verblijf bij L'Accolade, dan vragen wij u bovendien welke zorg u nodig heeft. 
De gegevens worden opgeslagen in een digitale database. Ze worden gebruikt voor het maken van planningen. Ook gebruiken wij uw persoonsgegevens om u te informeren over zaken bij L'Accolade. 


You can travel to Île d'Oléron by car, train or aeroplane. There is a special van you can use to get to and/or from the airport at La Rochelle.  



It takes about six hours to drive from Paris to Ile d'Oleron. Ile d'Oléron is connected to the mainland by a toll-free road bridge, 3 km long, at Marennes.


A few tips


  • Reduced toll rates apply for those with a handicapped parking permit

  • Avoid Paris around its peak rush hours 

  • For handicapped accessible toilets go to the larger gas stations

  • Looking for a free ride? Read the forum on this website.


  • Lille - Paris - Orleans - Tours - Poitiers – Saintes

  • la sortie 35 (au sud de Saintes) direction Ile d’Oléron

  • suivez les signes Ile d’Oléron au-delà du pont

  • suivez direction Saint Pierre, tout droit a Saint Pierre, direction Saint Denis, usqu'à le village Cheray

  • au feu rouge en Cheray tournez à gauche, direction Domino

  • suivez le chemin jusqu'à se arrive en Domino

  • de la place du village (a droite), suivez la route au"Chemin de Pins", prendre a droite deux fois



There are direct flights to La Rochelle. Please consult the internet for available offers.

The drive from La Rochelle to Domino takes a little over one hour.

You can use the road bridge or book a ferry to get from the mainland to Ile d'Oléron.



La Rochelle - Boyardville, Ile d'Oléron


La Rochelle - St. Denis, Ile d'Oléron





You can travel by coach bus to Sainte. Click here for more information.


From Sainte you can continue your journey by taking one of the regional buses ( to Ile d'Oléron. Please note: Eurolines buses are not wheelchair accessible.

On specific dates l'Accolade enables special transportation departing from the Netherlands. 



Eurostar will take you by train from London to Paris. From Paris you continue your journey with the TGV (high speed) to la Rochelle.


At Gare du Nord you need to get on bus line 38 (direction Porte d'Orléans) to Observation Porte Royale, from there you transfer to busline 91 (direction Montparnasse) to Gare Montparnasse.

From Gare Montparnasse you will travel on with the TGV (high speed) to La Rochelle.

From la Rochelle it is approximately a one hour drive to Domino.

Alternatively you can book a ferryboat to St. Denis We can pick you up from St. Denis. 

We advise you to book well in advance and request the assistance you need when traveling in a wheelchair. 



do you need help organizing your trip?

Should you encounter difficulties in organizing your trip, feel free to contact us.

We might be able to help, give advise or support you in practical matters.