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Oléron is an island off the coast of Poitou-Charentes in the Atlantic Ocean. The island has an area of 174 km and has approximately 19.000 inhabitants. It is the second largest French island after Corsica. The isle is nicknamed 'The Bright Isle' ('La Lumineuse'). 

Since 1966, the island has been connected to the mainland by a road bridge 3 km long (9390 ft). It has been toll-free since 1991.

The island is a very popular summer holiday destination, above all because of the consistent sunshine, small villages and impressive beaches. There are also various monuments of interest here, small ports and other activities of interest to visitors such as water sports, cycling and golf. Several companies operate boat trips from the towns of Boyardville and Saint-Denis to the nearby Ile d'Aix,

La Rochelle, and past the Fort Boyard.

The port towns are frequently visited by tourists, especially the village of La Cotiniere. This village is the base for a hundred trawlers who sell their fish every day at 05:00 and 16:00h. La Cotiniere was the first fishing port in the department of Charente-Maritime,

and the 8th of France.


The beauty of the landscapes of Oléron::



lovely sandy beaches, backed by dunes

beautiful countryside with pretty waterways and picturesque villages

bustling port towns

forests, vineyards, oyster beds, etc.



Ile d'Oléron is also a popular destination for sailors and windsurfers.

Have a look at the website: www.ile or more information about the island.