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80 Avenue des Bouriennes, Domino

17190 Saint-Georges-d'Oléron


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Als u informatie opvraagt, als gast wilt komen  of vrijwilliger wilt worden, dan vragen we u om uw persoonsgegevens, zoals uw naam, adres, e-mailadres, telefoonnummer en geboortedatum. Wilt u gebruik maken van zorg tijdens uw verblijf bij L'Accolade, dan vragen wij u bovendien welke zorg u nodig heeft. 
De gegevens worden opgeslagen in een digitale database. Ze worden gebruikt voor het maken van planningen. Ook gebruiken wij uw persoonsgegevens om u te informeren over zaken bij L'Accolade. 

A carefree holiday for everyone, completely
adapted for people with special needs!

A carefree holiday for everyone!



L'Accolade Oléron is a small holidaypark adapted for people with disabilities.

There is 24/7 assistance and special facilities and aids available.


Being out of the daily grind, enjoying the culture of another country in another environment, gathering new impressions, meeting other people and tanking up on energy for when you are back home.

It sounds so obvious, but not for people with physical disabilities. They often need assistance, aids and adaptations to enjoy a carefree holiday abroad. Often these facilities are not available. However at Holidaypark l’Accolade Oléron they are part of the deal.

This makes being on holiday a joyful occasion for the disabled too!

Our holidaypark was set up with the aid of gifts and sponsoring of funds and private people. It runs mainly thanks to volunteers; our heroes. The park is owned by the Dutch foundation L’Accolade, but of course people from every other country are welcome too.

L'Accolade is a place where you are welcomed just the way you are! 




Are you looking for a gorgeous holidayspot that is truely accessible for people with physical or multiple disabilities? Than you have found the right place!

You don’t need to bring any equipment, because L’Accolade offers you an unparalleled variety of equipment and adaptations.

On top of that l’Accolade can offer you personal assistance around the clock. So you are assured of any personal or nursing care and support you might need. This is fairly unique. We also try to offer family members and other carers some respite, if they want that, that is. Because, and this applies to all the above: everything is possible and not obligatory. After all, it is your holiday!

Gasten vertellen over Vakantiepark l'Accolade

L'Accolade Oléron is a small holiday park for people with disabilities. A place where you are welcomed just the way you are. 

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Vakantiepark l'Accolade

Set among the beautiful forest trees of Holidaypark l'Accolade there are 8 bungalows. Our studios are located in the Accolade groupbuilding. 

Vakantiepark l'Accolade

A large part of the work at l'Accolade is done by our volunteers. We can't do without them! 

Vakantiepark l'Accolade

Oléron is an island off the Atlantic Ocean. It is the second largest French island after Corsica. It is also known as ‘La Lumineuse’ ('The Bright Isle').