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80 Avenue des Bouriennes, Domino

17190 Saint-Georges-d'Oléron


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Als u informatie opvraagt, als gast wilt komen  of vrijwilliger wilt worden, dan vragen we u om uw persoonsgegevens, zoals uw naam, adres, e-mailadres, telefoonnummer en geboortedatum. Wilt u gebruik maken van zorg tijdens uw verblijf bij L'Accolade, dan vragen wij u bovendien welke zorg u nodig heeft. 
De gegevens worden opgeslagen in een digitale database. Ze worden gebruikt voor het maken van planningen. Ook gebruiken wij uw persoonsgegevens om u te informeren over zaken bij L'Accolade. 


Ile d'Oléron has much to offer. Beautiful fields of corn and cattle, quiet coastal roads, pretty villages and gorgeous beaches. But there are also many special activities you can participate in!

Accessible sailing trip on a catamaran

The catamaran offers room for 6. For at least 4 people there are bucket seats to which safety belts can be attached. Using a long gangplank (where wheelchairs can easily pass if low tide doesn’t leave the boat too low) and a hoist everybody can be transferred from the stable pontoon to the boat. Several trips are possible. Of course you will be sailing on the sea into different directions, depending on the wind. Reservation is recommended!



There is a wheelchair accessible boat departing from La Cotinière. Reservations can be made at the port of Cotinière. A fun way to discover the coastline of l'Oleron.


Fly around the island from St. Pierre!

A beautiful and adventurous way to discover Ile d'Oleron. Rates are approxomately  € 140,- per half-hour flight. You can embark with three passengers. Disabled passengers will be helped on the plane by means of a special ramp. 



Le petit Train de Saint-Trojan

A fun ride in an open-air train. The little train is wheelchair accessible. Note: for wheelchair users it is not possible to get of mid-journey.


There are landsail clubs at St. Troyan and Grand Village Plage where wheelchair users are given the opportunity to participate in this wonderful sport.



Oléron Island and the Marennes Basin possess numerous cycling itineraries. A network of 50 miles spreading amidst marshes, forests and running along the sea.

At Holidaypark L'Accolade there are special bikes available, such as a custom made wheelchairbike and scootmobiles.


The archery club provides aids and assistance for people with a disability.




Wine tasting

Visit the various “producteurs” on the island. You are welcomed to the vineyards for information on their produce and sample wines.

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28, rue des Dames
17190 Saint-Georges d’Oléron
Tel : 05 46 76 63 75

Opening hours april, mai, june and september : mon tm sat, 9.30-12.30 / 14.30-18.00 hours.
july and august : mon - saterday, 9.00-18.30 / sunday, 9.00-12.30 hours.

july and august : dayly 9.30-13.00 hours.